How To Open Your Own Salon

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If you are considering opening your own salon, this is a must have.

This is Essential Knowledge in Opening your Own Hairdressing Salon

If you're thinking about opening your own salon, then this information will be a must for you.  I have put together most, if not all you will encounter while opening a Salon.

Opening your own Hair Salon is one of the most stressful times you will encounter as a Hairdresser. 

This guide will hopefully steer you away from some of the pit falls of opening your own salon, and give you a logical progression from:  

     ·      finding the right location –

      ·      negotiating a lease –

         ·      to sitting at the reception, waiting for your first phone call from your new clientel.

I also have included a Spreadsheet to help guide you through how to complete your books on a daily basis.

I have been using this spreadsheet for the last 5 years and put some tweaks to it, to help you work out your profit margins, and how much tax you could be expected to pay.

The day-to-day running of your salon, need not be a chore, this makes it easy to complete, and your accountant will love it.

So, what is in the guide. .

          ·     Location of your Salon

          ·     To Rent or Buy?

          ·     Business – The Bigger Picture

          ·     Day-to-Day Running of the Salon

          ·     Layout of your Salon

          ·     Working with Spreadsheets.

These are just a few of the topics I cover in the guide, plus a working spreadsheet to save you time and money on accountant fees.