Today I had a strange experience that, I suppose I just cope with on a daily basis.  I was made more aware of this because I was teaching a junior stylist.

The haircut I was going through was a guy’s clipper haircut, that was to be textured through the top with shorter back and sides, so there was nothing unusual with the haircut, but there was something unusual with how the guy reacted, as the salon being quite full and mainly women in the salon.

He must have felt conscious being the only other man in the salon, apart from me.

What he did was to hum a few tunes, nervously bounce his legs, and reposition himself in the chair.

This did not make for a good haircut, as he was rocking around so much, it reminded me of some of the techniques I tech in the barbering DVD’s, and how to cut hair, not only safely but correctly.

I struck up a conversation with him, using the usual where are you going what are you doing, open ended question, and this relaxed him a little so I could carry on with the haircut, and complete it correctly with no mishaps.

So the art of conversation is important, and knowing why we make general chit, chat, is part of the process of relaxing a client

Enjoy your hairdressing 

John Mcloughlin.