I see many potential employees turning up for their interview with a beautiful array of qualifications, displayed in various ways.

The fact is, as an employer, I want to know about the person behind the qualifications, what drives them to get up in a morning, what do they do on their day off or weekend. These insights to what a person is really like, will help me as an employer, understanding how ambitious and motivated they are to finish their training. If you can portray how serious you are about not only learning your hairdressing skills but perfecting them, these are some of the terms I want to hear from potential employees.

The main thing that has driven my hairdressing career, is to be the best I possibly can with my field of expertise.

Hairdressing is a great career because as soon as you think you have perfected one aspect of hairdressing you can move on to another part of hairdressing, becoming not just a good all rounder but an expert in all the fields of hairdressing can take a lifetime, but if you have the yearning to do that, I can’t recommend a better profession.

The absolute passion I have for hairdressing, is the same if not greater now than when I first set off at sixteen. Hairdressing has given me a life I could have only dreamed of when I was at school, it has given me the finical rewards for my hard work, and a social standing within my community, and a respected from my professional peers.

I recently interviewed a young girl for a vacancy, and when asked about her ambitions, she said that she would like to own her own salon, I don’t know if she understood the amount of work that it takes to open a salon, but, I remember replying to that same question in an interview within a large hairdressing company, and my answer was, I wanted to be the best hairdresser that ever lived, it may have been an OTT answer, but it was how I felt, and I got the job.

It is easy to lose focus when running a salon, but the only thing I think we really sell as hairdressers is not what the latest offer is in the salon, 10% or 20% off perms or colours, but it is the quality of service, how good are the haircuts you give, and hair colours and other services you provide set you apart from the rest.

Setting your own standards and reappraise them, keeping them as high as possible is our ultimate goal. Whatever helps motivate you, whether it is additional training, going to shows, photo shoots or competitions work, it is all out there.

Sometimes being the best you can is used as a flippant remark, but if you can be the very best you can, you will have a long and lustrous hairdressing career.