Most fringes are reasonably easy to cut, I use a little technique of rolling my fingers into the bridge of the nose, and use this as a guideline when cutting the length of a fringe. A straight fringe, once you have cut the center section, is then cut slightly angled to the outside of the fringe, giving you an arched or straight fringe.

Side fringes are a little difficult to cut, as you do not want an obvious diagonal cut to show.

Firstly split the fringe into 3 sections.

The first area, and make this a small area, on each side of the parting, so it almost looks like you are holding a triangle section.

The parting:    I   Just to the side of it:     and just to the other side of the parting:  \             / \   

I hope this makes sense, comb this down above the eye and cut this around about the eyebrow length or a little longer if you are unsure, remember it is easier to cut more off, but remember this is only a small section.

The other main part of the fringe pull down, like you would a normal fringe, but drag it to the side and cut this going slightly longer from the triangle section you have cut to the other side of the fringe, this will be cut diagonally.

The last section is on the other side of the fringe and again cutting from the triangle section, cut this steeply to blend into the side section of the hair.

There is a lot of this is trial and error to create a correct side fringe, but hopefully you will not make too many errors and experiment with them as you go.

The more you do the better you will get.

I hope this helps.Enjoy your hairdressing.