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Learn all the Essential Practical Skills you will need to becom a Top Hairstylist.

 Discover How To "Fast-Track" Your Way To Becoming A Top Hairdressing Stylist!

Even A Complete Begginer Can Use The Insider Secrets Revealled In The "Fast Track Salon Training Course" To Speed From Shampooer To Top Stylist!

 From the desk of John Mcloughlin

Education : N. V. Q. Level III,
Assessor Awards D32 & D33,
Certificate in Education,
BA in Professional & Vocational Education

Dear Friend

If you're thinking about a career change, owning your own salon or even if you're already at college training to become a stylist then I urge you to keep reading because...

...On the following page I am going to share the exact same insider secrets I used to fast track my success leaping from shampooer to top stylist in just 6 months.

As a Hairdresser for just over 30 years, and over 25 as a salon stylist, trainer and College tutor, I have seen many trends, and methods of teaching come and go.

Over the years I have perfected a simple structured system, it is all about the learner, and teaches you in the fastest way possible using closely guarded trade secrets.

A system that providing you take action and start using it today will allow you to...


  • Speed to the top of your class. This system will allow you to catch up and get ahead of the class in your current hairdressing course.

  • Gain the edge over hairdressing colleagues.If you already work in a salon and find you're slipping behind and clients aren't asking for your name when they arrive. 

    This system will give you the power to excel where other hairdressers are failing so that you can literally streak a head and get a killer edge over your colleagues.

  • Start cutting hair for profit in just two weeks. If you're not yet enrolled in a college course or you're thinking about joining one why not get a head start. 

    After working through this system with a little practice you can start cutting your friends and families hair for profit in just two weeks.


But don't just take my word for it!

Here's some people I've already helped SPEED to success using my proven hairdresser training system...


Ricky Kanda Used to be a Policeman working unsociable hours, we helped him get out of the rut and start his own salon!

The fast track hairdresser training course helped me make the transition from being a Policeman to owning my own barbers.

I had been in the Police for two and a half years. The hours were really unsociable, and I knew I just had to make a change and John helped me do just that.

I am now a Salon Owner running my own barbers and all within a fourteen month period. I have worked hard but the rewards are just great. I would have never have done it if it wasn't for Johns training.

Ricky Kanda


Gwen Davies - Took my advice andnow works freelance in Spain!

I did the F.T.H.T. course and found it gave me the missing pieces I knew my previous hairdressing training missed out.

John gives you the whole picture. After I had finished I just got on with working andnow I am a freelance hairdresser in Spain.

John Mc Loughlin gave me the confidence and freedom to choose when and where I work.

Gwen Davies



So why me?

How can my system help you achieve your 
Hairdressing dreams so quickly?

Hairdressing is a passion of mine, during my career I have acquired:-

NVQ level III and Assessors Award D32, Certificate in Education and Assessors Award D33, BA in Professional and Vocational Education.

I have also taught:-

NVQ level 1, NVQ level 2 and NVQ level 3 students in subject areas of: Induction, Shampooing, Reception, Health & Safety, Blow Drying, Setting, Cutting, Colouring, Chemically Straightening, Perming, Barbering, Long hair work, Afro Caribbean Hair.


I have also enjoyed owning a chain of 3 salons, attended show and competition work and thoroughly enjoyed lecturing at two colleges.

I also strongly believe that learning should be fun and practical and...

This has allowed me to build, test and perfect my
Fast Track Hairdresser Training Course.

The course is a carefully crafted set of DVD's that teaches you all the fundamental haircuts that you will need to master to become a successful hairstylist.

The collection systematically works you through a series of haircuts that progress you, using each haircut as a building block to progress onto the next haircut.

It is the nearest you will get to one-on-one training.

One of the main benefits is that if you feel you have missed an important part of the haircut, you can simply stop and replay the dvd and go over it again.

Now I appreciate that some of you may be thinking... can I learn hairdressing from a DVD?

The people I mentioned above felt this way at first and I respect that, but let me explain a little further.

This course is a lot more than a series of DVDs. The Fast Track Hairdresser Training Course also implements the practical side of things too.

Using the hairdresser training block (which I will cover a little later) allows you to work through the videos with me...

...cutting and styling hair for real! It's just like having your own collage tutor along with practical training in your home.

Only this way if you miss something or need to re cap you can simply rewind me and we'll go over it again!

So you’ll never get left behind or worry about keeping up with the rest of the class and if like most, you're picking things up quickly, you can move on to the next topic and speed ahead at your pace not the tutors.

This gives you a practical, no nonsense way of learning that you can go back to time and time again.

Professional hairdressers around the world 
will hate me for this -but-


Throughout the hairdressing course I will be exposing some of their most closely guarded trade secrets.

Secrets which you can use to unleash your creative nature and discover how to master literally any style, just by seeing it.

I'll also be unveiling hints and tips that will unlock the ability to create ANY of the stunning haircuts you see, have seen and will see in the future.

In-fact anybody who is serious about becoming a hairdresser, either full time or part time, even with no previous experience, can benefit from this unique step-by-step course.

Here's what we will be covering on the
Fast-Track Hairdresser Training system




Shampooing and Blow Drying

In the first lesson I will teach you how to give the prefect shampoo and blow dry.

To really make an impression on your client this is the first step you need to master.

Many tutors and colleges fail to pay the required attention to this area yet...

...the shampoo can be one of the most important parts of the hair cut to ensure your success as a stylist.

As we all know first impressions last and in a salon clients will usually ask for their favorite stylist.

I'll be showing you how to use the circling petrissage motion to massage the scalp.

This stimulates the scalp and has a relaxing effect on your client.

Also you'll discover how to use a stroking effleurage motion to have an even bigger impact on the relaxation of your client.

This is important as it has a different feel to the client and theslower motion reduces their heart rate, making them feel more relaxed.

Giving the perfect shampoo creates a fantastic first impression, allows the client to enjoy your company and on their next visit to the salon your name will be top of the list!





The One Length Hair Cut

In the next DVD I will teach you how to easily create the one length hair cut.

The lesson shows you the way that works every time.

You'll discover that any variation you would like to put into your haircut is fine providing you still follow a format that you understand.

I have seen many students get caught up with how small their sections are and they forget what shape they are doing or get lost in the hair cut.

The sections I'll be showing you are quite large.

You'll learn that maintaining the bigger picture will allow you to cut quicker and achieve a the perfect look every time.

You will also learn how to apply the correct tension, apply too much tension this will distort your cut line, too little tension will also distort your cut line giving you an uneven cut.

Head positioning is also very important so I'll be covering that too.




Understanding Graduation

In this lesson I will teach you all you need to know about graduation

Graduation is one of the most misunderstood areas of hairdressing.

If you had a ream of paper neatly stacked and pushed the bottom of the pages away from you with a slanted hand, this would help you understand graduation, each layer is very slightly shorter than the next,

This DVD explains the shape of graduation and its effects on the hair.

You'll easily understand the effects of graduation after completing this lesson.

You will also discover how graduation is used with other cuts giving you the ability to create an unlimited variety of hairstyles.





The Long Layer Hair Cut

Next you'll learn all about the long layer haircut.

The long layer hair cut follows a simple structured formula.

I'll walk you through everything you need to know, step by step, so that you understand the angles we use as hairdressers.

I'll also be showing you why it is important to leave "weight" in the haircut and also when to increase the layers and where from.

You're also going to discover the effect that increased layers can give... that NO length of haircut will ever bother you again.

If a client wants her hair half way down her back this will be no problem to you after gaining all the insider information contained within this all important lesson.





The Graduated Hair Cut

This is the more recognized face of graduation.

This DVD lesson takes you through a traditional hair cut and shows how to achieve the angles needed to create the graduated hair cut.

There's is a lot of talk of which angle to take, 45 degrees, Zero degrees, 90 degrees, this all become confusing.

I'll make sense of it all and show you how to correctly cross check your graduation.

Once this technique has been learned and understood, you'll find it easy to develop graduation into your existing haircuts to give a mass of varied looks.

Graduation is used throughout the haircuts you will perform and gives you extra shape in the haircuts you do and will unlock the power to put your personal touch in each haircut.





The Uniform Layer Hair Cut

In this lesson I will teach you...

...a proven method to create the perfect uniform layer cut every single time.

You'll master structured proven method to cut the hair.

This lesson will also help you understand how and when to remove “bulk” from the haircut.

This technique follows a format similar to the long layer hair cut and gives you the over all picture, note the head positioning which reduces stress on you back, and gives you better results, it is important to use this technique with the cross checking method.






In this lesson I will be showing you how to master the art of sectioning

This is where hairdressing is at today.


Without the knowledge and understanding of the latest texturing techniques you are only able to complete mediocre haircuts.

Once you start to look at what is going on in the latest magazines, catwalks and TV, you can begin to understand the importance of good texturing techniques, this is a must in the collection.

I'll be revealing some of the most closely guarded texturing techniques used by professional stylists so that you can steal them and recreate any celebrity style haircuts!





The Cross Checking Method

The cross checking method is invaluable.

If you want to create your own hair styles this lesson will unlock the ability to create any hairstyle you like.

Learning haircuts by numbers will only take you so far on your journey as a top stylist.

The Fast Track cross checking method helps unlock the barriers of traditional haircuts, it will allow you to feel the haircut as it is happening..

...feel the hair and how it is reacting to the way it is combed and how it moves.

Although the cross checking method helps you check your hair cut making sure it is even, it also gives you a free style method of cutting and lets you develop the skills you have learned to create shapes personal to you.

You'll discover that you can incorporate layering and graduationwith the fast track cross checking method to really free up your haircutting.

Once you've mastered the fast track cross checking method along with the other lessons you'll easily understand how to re createANY of the hairstyles you have seen and will see in the future.

This lesson really does allow you to unleash your creative nature and recreate stunning hairstyles beyond your wildest dreams.


Although I'm allowing people who have purchased my course to exploit these extremely powerful techniques.

..which most are using to establish a strong clientele and open their own salons.

Not all of my students decide to go the same way.


Other people have used this course to earn a second income around their current life style!

People Like...


Jane Heathcote Now has two part time jobs that she loves and can work her hours around her family

I had tried a hairdressing course before but did not have the understanding or confidence to pursue a hairdressing career. 

Your course gave me the fundamental pointers to boost my confidence. I have 2 part-time jobs, one at a barbers and another at a hair salon, I enjoy what I am doing and I can work my hours around my family.

Jane Heathcote


Karen Couperthwaite Used to work in a Pie Factory, Now a Senior stylist with time to take her son to school

I was a factory worker in a pie factory, the work wasn't challenging and the starting hours were early.

I always wanted to be a hairdresser but I had to help 
out in the family business and worked there. 

I went to college part-time over a few years and finished an NVQ level II and III. 

The F.T.H.T. course gave me some of the essential knowledge I felt I had missed out on and the confidence to build a strong clientele. I am now working as a Senior Stylist which I enjoy plus I have time to take my son to school.

Thank You
Karen Couperthwaite


Chritopher Johnson Now a mobile hairdresser

I was a professional musician working in Dubai on the hotel circuit. It was something I had done from leaving school and had been in Dubai for four years.

I felt it was time for a change and came across John Mc Loughlins fast track course. I found it really easy to understand and the little tips are fascinating.

I am currently employed by Darwen Council as a mobile hairdresser.

Christopher Johnson



Here's some situations where I think you'll get the most from your Fast Track Hairdresser Training Course.


1) You're just starting a college course and want to get ahead of the class.

2) You're not sure whether or not to train as a hairdresser.

3) You're falling behind or need to get ahead of the class.

4) You've left college and don't feel you have the confidence to join or set up a hairdressing business.

5) You're already working in a salon and need a refresher course.

6) You just want to learn hairdressing so that you can cut family & friends hair for profit.

Imagine just for a minute.

How much time and money this unique course could save you in extra tuition.

How great would it feel to know that you've got everything it takes to succeed and become a fantastic hairdresser.

In just 2 weeks from now you could be cutting your family and friends hair for profit!


Start The Fast Track Hairdresser Training Course 
today and I'll also give you these bonuses for FREE




6 Months FREE E-mail Support
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You'll receive 6 months exclusive access to my desk so that you can ask any questions you like.

I'll be on hand for a full 6 months to help you get the most from your hairdressing course and answer any question you might have.

If for some reason your not quite grasping a particular area simply drop me a line and I'll be on hand to get you back on track.

6 Months FREE E-mail Support
(£127 Value but yours FREE)


The total value for the fast track hairdressing course could be priceless.


Just So That You've Absolutely Nothing ToLose
Try My Fast Track Hairdresser Training Course... 

Risk Free For 14 Days!


I guarantee that after trying the fast track hairdresser training course that if you're not 100% satisfied with any part of the course I'll give you your money back no questions asked. Simply return the package to me within 14 days and receive a full refund.

Total Package Includes :-

  • DVD 1 Shampooing & Blowdrying
  • DVD 2 The One Length Cut
  • DVD 3 Understanding Graduation
  • DVD 4 The Long Layer Hair Cut
  • DVD 5 The Graduated Hair Cut
  • DVD 6 The Uniform Layer Hair Cut
  • DVD 7 Texturing
  • DVD 8 The Cross Checking Method
  • Bonus DVD 9 Undercutting - £34.95 - FREE Limited Time Only
  • 6 Months E-mail Support - £127.00 - FREE Limited Time Only
  • World Wide Shipping - £28.95 - FREE Limited Time Only

Note: DVD's are formatted to your countries region EG: USA/Canada DVD's are supplied in NTSC format, UK/Europe DVD's supplied in PAL format.

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Wishing you all the best in your career

John Mc Loughlin
Hairdressing Tutor

PPS, Still unsure weather or not this course is for you?

Let me put this another way.

How much insider knowledge can you afford to miss out on?

Is there really a price you can put on it?

I suppose this depends on how important you feel your future is.

Bearing in mind that 997 people out of every 1000 college graduate's never open a salon!


When you think that in just two weeks of using this PROVEN system and after cutting just a few of your friends hair you can recover the total cost of this course.

Why would you not give it a go?


Total Package Includes :-

  • DVD 1 Shampooing & Blowdrying
  • DVD 2 The One Length Cut
  • DVD 3 Understanding Graduation
  • DVD 4 The Long Layer Hair Cut
  • DVD 5 The Graduated Hair Cut
  • DVD 6 The Uniform Layer Hair Cut
  • DVD 7 Texturing
  • DVD 8 The Cross Checking Method
  • Bonus DVD 9 Undercutting - £34.95 - FREE Limited Time Only
  • 6 Months E-mail Support - £127.00 - FREE Limited Time Only
  • World Wide Shipping - £28.95 - FREE Limited Time Only

Note: DVD's are formatted to your countries region EG: USA/Canada DVD's are supplied in NTSC format, UK/Europe DVD's supplied in PAL format.

Today Just £257.00

(For A Limited Time Only World Wide Shipping And Bonus Items Are FREE)

Or call 01204 303272 (0044 1204 303272 Outside Uk) to order your fast track hairdressing course by telephone.

Hairdressing Salon Course

£ 257.00 


Learn all the Essential Practical Skills you will need to become a Top Hairstylist.