Apprentice Starter Pack

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How to Shampoo correctly, how use the various brushes used in hairdressing. How to complete a basic haircut and how to complete a nine section perm, with some great hints and tips along the way.

Hairdressing Starter Course

The Ideal Hairdressing Starter Pack For New Salon Employees, Schools & Any One Interested In A Hairdressing Career.

The hairdressing starter pack contains some of the essential knowledge, that will be of use to someone starting out on a hairdressing career.
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It is aimed to serve a number of purposes, firstly to help you understand what will be asked of you in a salon, and to teach you some skills that can be transferred to working in a salon, it also teaches you some reception skills that are needed in most hairdressing salons.

Because I also manage a salon, I come into contact with various people who want to start in hairdressing. As a salon owner I not only take on apprentices, but I provide a work placement for school leavers who think they might want a hairdressing career.

I have found that over the last few years, a school leaver will have little, if no idea, of what goes on in the day to day running of a hairdressing salon, especially when it comes to their role within the salon.

These DVD’s, and information sheets, are there to give the new person a “Heads Up” on what will be asked of that student in the hairdressing salon.

They talk of how to dress, behave and act in the salon, plus teaching them transferable skills that will go on and help them in the future.

I think the DVD’s are a must for salon owners, to give to work placement students and new apprentice’s. A must for schools to prepare their student for a work placement, and a must for anyone who is seriously thinking of taking up a hairdressing career.



Hairdressing Starter Course 

Lesson 1 is all about preparation, getting your client ready for the next service you will give them.

The drying, shows you how to use each brush, and the effect it will give to the hair. To develop your skill level on drying the hair you will need to practice on friends and family to perfect your new acquired skills.

Holding your scissors correctly and the inter-action between the scissor and comb feel uncomfortable at first, but it will become second nature in no time at all, many stylist still do not hold their scissors correctly and if you want to perfect all the cutting skills 
this is an absolute must.





Hairdressing Starter Course 

If you have never cut hair before but would like to trim your child or husbands hair, this is the perfect DVD for you.

Here I show a simple but effective method of cutting hair and I go on to show how you can integrate this with clipper cutting.

If you are a complete novice and would just like to test the water, I do not think there is a better way of doing this.

I start by showing you how to hold your scissors, and why hairdressers hold them in this way, I also show you the interaction between the scissors and the comb, something hairdressers take for granted.

I know of many hairdressers who know no more than the techniques I show on this DVD, Some have gone on to open their own salons and worked abroad.





Hairdressing Starter Course 

The Nine Section Perm Wind is part of the programme to teach someone how to wind a perm.

This particular technique is taught as it breaks the hair down into smaller sections, and 
therefore easier to work with.

This DVD takes you through, not only how to section the hair into these smaller section,
but how to overcome some of the typical problems you will encounter.

Practice will make you perfect and increase your speed, it is hard at first but perceiver, and believe me no one found winding permanent waves harder than me.





The Written Manual

Salon Etiquette

Learning how to behave in a salon sounds easy, and anyone would know how to behave in a salon. 

The fact is, you are now in the arena of dealing with people either by phone or in person, and how you behave reflects on your colleagues and the salon that will employ you.

Here you will learn some more essential knowledge that will go on to help you all your working career.

Reception Duties

At some stage in your hairdressing career you will need to know to book appointments for clients, there are some rules and calculations you will need to perform, once you have been taught these correctly, they will come as second nature to you.

You have to maximise a stylist and clients time, simply taking a booking for a client when it suits them, just is not good enough. 

You will need to learn how to understand exactly what service a client is asking for, how long that procedure takes, and maximise the stylist time you are booking it with, these skill will not come easy as first, but follow my simple guide lines and you will become confident with your reception duties. 

The skill you learn here are transferable and can be applied to any reception job in the future.



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Apprentice Starter Pack

£ 89.95 



 How to Shampoo correctly, how use the various brushes used in hairdressing. How to complete a basic haircut and how to complete a nine section perm, with some great hints and tips along the way.