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To become a Hairdresser you need to know the basic skills, you don't need to complete tests or know the PH of shampoo, you need to learn the Practical Skills of Hairdressing.  Once you know and understand these methods, Hairdressing unlocks your FULL potential, your understanding of hairdressing becomes complete, and this gives you the confidence to take on any hairstyle, and even create your own hairstyles.  

Learn what ALL the Top Hair Stylists know, check out my courses and DVD Collections, and become the best you can be in Hairdressing.

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We sell the DVD's all over the world.  See what other hairdresser's have been learning, and . .

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John is a fully qualified hairdressing tutor.  He has taught in both private and national owned colleges, as well as running hair salon for over 25 years.

 "I am as qualified as you can get", John states. John holds qualifications in; NVQ levels III, Assessor Awards D32 & D33, Certificate in Education, and a BA in Professional and Vocational Education. 

Alongside these qualifications John has worked in the UK and overseas and set up 7 hairdressing salons.  He has constantly been a hairdresser first

Because of this constant link between hairdressing, being a tutor and managing hair salons, John knows what is required to become the best that you can be in hairdressing.  

If you are leaving college with an NVQ level II, this will sometimes NOT be enough to work as a  hairdresser in a salon or to work freelance.

Services:  DVD's - or - Practical Courses

Through the medium of DVD's I teach the practical skills needed to "Fast Track Your Hairdresser Training" and become a top hairstylist.

The DVD's take you through from, how to hold your scissors correctly, to advanced texturing techniques found in todays hairdressing.  

You will understand the correct terms of graduation and how to achieve this technical technique. 

Please look through the pages and see what is on offer, I am sure you will be surprised how much there is to learn. 

There are 5 different courses I have put together to help guide you to a successful hairdressing career, have a look at the hairdressing tips page, as there are useful articles and advice that may also further your hairdressing career.

Don't forget, if you want to attend a Practical Hairdressing Cutting Course, E-mail me and I will get back to you with all the details and prices, you may be surprised just how cheap this can be.

I look forward to hearing from you.

John Mcloughlin.

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How To Open Your Own Salon.

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